West Berkshire Private Vehicle Hire Licence Conditions

Newbury Executive Chauffeur Travel operates under West Berkshire Council licencing, regulations and code of conduct.

Standard of Service 

1. The driver shall provide a prompt, efficient and reliable service to Members of the public at all reasonable times. 

Without prejudice to the generality of the previous conditions the driver shall in particular:

a) ensure that when he/ she becomes aware that the private hire vehicle has been hired to be in attendance at an appointed time and place, the vehicle shall, unless delayed or prevented by sufficient cause, punctually attend at that appointed time and place; 

(b) afford all reasonable assistance with hirers and other passenger's luggage; 

(c) at all times be clean and respectable in his/ her dress and person, and behave in a civil and orderly manner; 

(d) take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of passengers in entering or alighting from the vehicle driven by him/her; 

(e) not, without prior consent of the hirer, smoke, drink or eat in the vehicle; 

(f) not, without prior consent of the hirer play any radio or sound producing instrument or equipment in the vehicle, other than for the purpose of sending or receiving messages in connection with the operation of the vehicle and shall not allow any such instrument or equipment (when permitted) to be or become a source of nuisance or annoyance to any person inside or outside the vehicle; 

(g) provide the hirer of the vehicle with a written receipt for the fare paid, if requested to do so by the hirer. 


2. The driver shall not conveyor permit to be conveyed in the Private Hire Vehicle a greater number of persons exclusive of the driver than the number of persons specified in the licence, provided that for the purpose of this condition a child under 10 shall be regarded as one person. 

3. The driver shall not without the consent of the hirer of a vehicle, conveyor permit to be conveyed any other person in that vehicle. 


4. The driver shall not convey in a private hire vehicle any animal belonging to, or in the custody of himself, or the proprietor or operator of the vehicle or any other person other than the hirer. 

5. Subject to paragraph C, 3 below, any animal belonging to or in the custody of the hirer or other passenger may at the driver's discretion be conveyed in the private hire vehicle, but only in the rear of the vehicle. A hirer's or other passenger's guide dog shall be conveyed in the rear of the vehicle at no extra charge. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 s37 applies.


6. The driver shall on receipt of any complaint immediately notify the complainant of his right to forward the complaint to the council 

7. The driver shall on the same day of receiving a complaint, inform the operator of the following particulars on the complaint: 

(a) the date and time the complaint was received; 

(b) the name and address of the complainant; 

(c) how the complaint was made; 

(d) the nature of the complaint; 

(e) remarks(if any) 

Lost Property 

8. The driver shall immediately after the termination of any hiring of a private hire vehicle, or as soon as practicable thereafter, carefully search the vehicle for any property which may have been accidentally left there If any property accidentally left in a private hire vehicle by any person who may have been conveyed in the vehicle is found by or handed to the driver, unless it is claimed by and on behalf of it's owner, it shall be taken within twenty-four hours to the nearest Police Station and left in the custody of the officer in charge. 

Touting and Soliciting 

9. The driver shall not cause the private hire vehicle to stand in any road or public place in such a manner as to suggest that the vehicle is plying for hire or that it is a hackney carriage or taxi. 

10. The driver shall not whilst driving or in charge of a private hire vehicle, tout or solicit any person to hire or be carried for hire in the private hire vehicle or cause or procure any other person to tout to solicit any person to hire or be carried for hire in the private hire vehicle. 


11. If the private hire vehicle is fitted with a taximeter the driver shall ensure that a person authorised by the council has sealed the taximeter. 

12. Where a private hire vehicle is fitted with a taximeter the driver shall ensure:

(a) that the taximeter is only brought into action at the commencement of the hirer's journey; 

(b) that the fare or charge is calculated from the point in the District from which the hirer commences his/her journey and shall not exceed that displayed on the taximeter at the completion of hisl her journey, except for any additional charges as specified in the scale of fares approved by the council; 

(c) that the fare or charge recorded shall not be cancelled or concealed until the hirer has had the opportunity of examining it and has paid the fare or charge; 

(d) that the taximeter is sufficiently illuminated so that when in use it is visible to the hirer and all his/her passengers. 

13. The driver of a private hire vehicle shall not tamper with or permit any person to tamper with any taximeter with which the vehicle is provided, or tamper with the seal. 

14. A private hire vehicle fitted with a taximeter shall not operate unless the meter is in working condition and has been checked and sealed by an authorised officer of the council. 

15. The driver shall notify the proprietor immediately if for any reason the meter fails to operate or ceases to be in working condition. 


16. The driver shall not demand from any hirer of a private hire vehicle, a fare in excess of any previously agreed for the booking/hiring between the hirer and the operator. 

17. The driver of a private hire vehicle shall ensure that journeys shall be by the shortest or most direct route unless requested by the hirer to proceed by a different route. 

Identification Plate and Driver's Badges 

18. The driver of a private hire vehicle shall ensure that the identification plate issued by the Council in respect of that vehicle is clearly visible on the rear of the vehicle, (unless an exemption has been issued by the Council)so as to be visible at all times. 

19.The driver shall not wilfully or negligently conceal from public view the identification plate. 

20. The drivers badge, issued by the Council, shall be worn by the driver in a position where it can be seen at all times. (Lanyards or clips are provided for this purpose). 

21. The driver shall from the expiry (without immediate renewal), revocation or suspension of his/her drivers licence forthwith  return the driver's badge to the Council unless an appeal has been lodged with the Magistrates' Court under an appropriate section of the Act. 


22. The driver shall disclose to the Council in writing within seven days details of any convictions imposed upon him! her during the period of the licence. Change of Address or Change of Proprietor 

23. The driver shall notify the Council in writing of any change of his! her address within 7 days of any such change. 

Operator's Licence 

24. The driver shall check that his/her operator has a current operators Licence. 

Vehicle Damage 

25. The driver shall immediately notify the Council and the proprietor of his vehicle of any damage to the vehicle howsoever occurring as soon as he! she become aware of such damage. 

Driver's Illness or Injury 

26. The driver shall notify the Council in writing as soon as possible or in any event within seven days, of any illness or injury affecting in any way his! her fitness to drive a private hire vehicle. 

Copy of Conditions 

27. The driver of a private hire vehicle shall at all times when driving carry with him! her a copy of these conditions and shall make them available for inspection by the hirer or any other passenger on request. 

Causing or Permitting 

28. The driver shall not knowingly cause, permit or allow any other person to commit an offence under, or in non-compliance with the 1976 Act, or contravene any of the above conditions. 

Statutory Requirements 

29. The driver shall ensure that when he! she drives a private hire vehicle he! she does so in accordance with all statutory requirements, including those relating to tax and insurance. 

Rights of Refusal 

30. The driver shall have the right to refuse to carry a passenger or passengers for any reasonable cause, (except the potential fare for the journey). Any person aggrieved by any conditions attached to their licence may appeal to a Magistrates Court within 21 days of a licence being issued. 

Any person aggrieved by any conditions attached to their licence may appeal to a Magistrates Court within 21 days of a licence being issued. 


Revised 25/05/2012.  Also available at http://www.westberks.gov.uk